Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Waffles and Chocolate in Belgium: 
     On January 6th, we said a difficult goodbye to friends and family who gathered at the Nashville International Airport to see us off.  We flew to Brussels Belgium where we spent six days of much-needed rest before our flight to Uganda. 
Lilly fell asleep during the festivities
     We really didn’t realize just how tired we were until we checked into our hotel where we “crashed” until about 2:00 am when jet lag woke us up.  By the time we left, we acclimated to the time zone change making our arrival in Uganda easier with only a two-hour time difference between these two countries.
      While in Belgium, we visited some of the sights including a chocolate factory. We also enjoyed some delicious Belgian waffles for breakfast and celebrated  Lillian’s 2nd birthday, (though she was so tired, that she missed most of it)
     We were grateful for the time we spent in Belgium making memories with our girls and resting for the ministry in  Uganda.

Our Arrival in Uganda:  
     We arrived in Entebbe on January 12th where we were greeted by “Pastor Sam”, Samuel Ebwongu, a good friend and one of the board members from Christian Development Initiative.
Photo Op on the Nile River 
     After spending our first night in Uganda, we made our way to Kampala where we registered our car and hoped to obtain our work visas.  We immediately began to see some of the challenges of dealing with Ugandan government officials, but our sovereign God was faithful and we were able to resolve all the problems.  With visas in hand our next challenge was meeting the requirements for delivery of our container.  We did have to pay some unexpected fees yet God, through many of our faithful supporters, provided all the funds needed to cover those expenses. 
     We were greatly blessed with God’s perfect timing and the arrival of a missions team from Allen Ministries as we moved into our home. They also helped us celebrate Hannah’s 7th birthday and dedicated our “new house.”
Worshiping in a local village church

     We truly feel at home in Uganda now and are excited about the ministry days ahead. Already, the girls have many friends within Hope Children’s Village, and the authentic worship services here overwhelm us with God’s presence.

Settling In:
Rachael learning to pluck a chicken.
     We are unpacked and our new home is shaping up nicely. Andrew has started his work here and school began for the girls.  We have an area in our home that has been deemed "Our classroom." where lessons are taught daily.  Even Lillian enjoys sitting with her big sisters and doing her "studies" which mostly involve crayons and paper.  
     We've already made friends with some of the other missionaries in the area and are beginning to enjoy our new life in Uganda.   

Support Report:

     Many thanks to all who’ve pledged support for Suttons on Mission in Uganda. We’ve seen a wave of one time gifts, but we’re still sitting at about 65% of our monthly goal of $2500. You can give online through PayPal or mail your support to:

Allen Ministries
Attn: Suttons on Mission,
949 State Hwy 165
Branson, MO  65616

Thank you for your continued love, support, and prayer covering.     

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Welcome to Our Blog

Meet the Suttons

The Suttons are: Andrew, Rachael, Bailey, Andrea, Hannah, And Lilly.  We are missionaries to the country of Uganda in Eastern Africa.  We are excited about the work to which God has called us.
 Andrew is an ordained minister and a building contractor by trade.  Rachael is an elementary school teacher.  Both of us have been actively involved in ministry since before we met.  In fact, we met while serving on separate ministry teams with Life Action Ministries 

Since then, we've both completed our college degrees, and have been serving vocationally while also serving God through our home church, Living Waters Community Church, in Oak Grove, Kentucky.  Andrew served in ministry both as the youth pastor and then associate pastor of the church.  He was also a member of the Praise Team.  Rachael was actively involved in various ministries including children's ministry and serving as a member of the Praise Team.  

It was while serving in Kentucky that God called us to sell our home and our possessions, divest ourselves of the business Andrew had established, and to move to Uganda.  As of this writing, we are less than two months away from moving to Uganda.  We will be working through Allen Ministries at Hope Children's Village in Soroti Uganda.

 If you would life to join us in this ministry, you can:
  • Pray for us.  We will need all of your prayer support as we move forward in this endeavor.
  • Read our blog.  We will post on here regularly about daily life in Uganda and all about what God is doing in our ministry there.
  • Click here to support us financially.
  • You can also contact us at suttonsonmission@gmail.com.  Your words of encouragement and support will always be welcomed.